From the discussion Is Within Box Get Colors, would it be possible to get a Replace Items / Replace Item ranges in list.

Not so sure how that would be done, but the idea is there.



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Sure, a Change Items in List

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Sure, a Change Items in List node — like the existing Change Item in List, but inputting multiple Positions and multiple New Items — sounds good. Opened for voting.

Bodysoulspirit or Xavierdev, did you have a specific example in mind where the Change Item Ranges in List node would be useful? Unless you do, we plan to skip this node and just add the Change Items in List node. Since a Change Item Ranges in List node would have several input ports that you'd have to coordinate to make sure the data is entered consistently in all of them (correct number of list items, etc.), we're thinking the complexity of the ports would outweigh the convenience of being able to use ranges.

Well, out of context tight

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Well, out of context right now I'm not sure but, for the example of Xavier's composition, if I had a list of shaders, and I would want a specific range of the shader list to be replaced, how would I do it without ranges ?

And he wanted the items to be replaced not always to be the same but to change.

If for example there was a Replaces Ranges In Lists with drawers, I could make a range from 2-5 for example and fill a 5 shaders list that would place itself at positions 2-5.

How would I be able to choose the position of the items to be replaced ?

Perhaps I overview the simpler method !?

Oh, I was thinking the

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Oh, I was thinking the hypothetical Change Item Ranges in List would have a Ranges port that is a list of ranges, like Get Item Ranges from List. Having a singular Range port would not be as complex. Still, you'd have to do a little math to make sure you're feeding in the desired number of replacement items. (The range 2-5 would take 4 items, not 5.)

You can generate a list of positions in a range currently using Make Points along Line. It would be cool if we also had a node to more straightforwardly generate integer sequences.

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