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I've been using the app called TRNIO to generate a 3d model (.ply) and texture and I'm having trouble assigning the texture to it. Actually I can assign the texture to it but it's not acting as it should here

Suggestions? Really fun to play with.



Thanks for sharing the non

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Thanks for sharing the non-working .ply. This console message gave a clue as to why textures aren't applying correctly:

4/18/17 10:43:54.676 AM VuoComposition-HQrO63[33534]: VuoSceneObjectGet.c:240 convertAINodesToVuoSceneObjectsRecursively()  Warning: Mesh '' is missing tangents, bitangents, texture coordinates.  These channels will be automatically generated, but lighting and 3D object filters may not work correctly.

Actually the .ply file does have texture coordinates (as seen in MeshLab), but for some reason the library that Vuo uses to import meshes (Open Asset Import) seems to be ignoring them — so I've converted your question to a bug report.

When texture coordinates are missing, Vuo tries to generate some, so that shaders will at least partially work. But because this scene's texture map is complicated/piecemeal, the generated texture coordinates aren't close to what the mesh author intended.