For the last 4 years, Vuo’s development has been funded by your purchases and donations (thank you!) and by our company’s revenue from doing work for hire.

Our goal is to continue adding the features you request, incorporating new devices and technologies, and making Vuo easier to use. To do that, we need the Vuo community to grow, and we need a greater percentage of the funding for Vuo’s development to come from the community. With a larger revenue stream from Vuo and Vuo Pro purchases, we can dedicate more of our effort to Vuo, thus speeding up our implementation of new features for you.

We’re exploring different ways that we might change the price of Vuo, and we want your input.

Assuming the price of Vuo Pro stays at $149 USD, which of the following pricing options for Vuo (non-Pro) do you think would be most effective way to grow the community and fund development?

This poll has ended. We've summarized the results here. And if you have further thoughts, please contact us.