How would you go about reflowing a text input to automatically reflow to a 2nd or 3rd line if the text string was too long to fit across a given width. I've found count characters node but I'm not sure if there is a way to use that and have it break to a new line somehow.

I have a Text Output feeding into a Make Text Image node and would like to display the text with a Make Image Layer with Shadow (Scaled) for displaying on a screen however if the text is too long it is very tiny to read, I would like to have it break to a new line somehow.


@Chris yes this feature and

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Chris yes this feature and your feature request for layer texts to be optionally resizable like the other layers would be really great.

Somtimes I wonder how much it would cost to hire the team for such a 1-dot feature like the wrap text feature.
Perhaps in some feature it could be great to have an option to know the funding price of a feature request and have the possibility to hire the team together and crowd fund some urgent features. Not talking about month long stuff that would push away the Vuo releases but some things like this that would take up to some days of work.

The team made a poll some days ago, perhaps a crowd fund hire the team option could be a thing too.