If you have a list of images or texts that are different dimensions it's very hard to align them in an orderly way that doesn't compromise the intent.

In the case of the Arrange Layers in Grid node it scales all the images/texts to be the same size as each (see top row of text in image below).

In the case of the Arrange Layers in Row node it spaces the texts according to their widths, the closest is edge to edge (no negative spacing) and they can be space out further away from there, but still using what in Adobe Illustrator we'd call an "arrange in space" spacing. What I want is each text pinned to a grid coordinate that is a consistent distance with all the other coordinates, irrespective of text length or image dimensions.

It could be a matter of putting another option on the node (not sure if that will break old compositions) or making a new node that does this on task and not the other Arrange in Grid/Row/Column Space tasks.

Opinion: In QC I'd typically use an iterator for this, feed the QC-Structure of text strings into it and have some simple maths for the start and end coordinates or the start and spacing coordinates published to the top of the iterator macro. It's frustrating in Vuo not to be able to 'roll your own' without learning how to code nodes in C. There's often a node to do something you need to do in VUO but if there isn't it can be very hard to work out how to achieve the task programmatically from first principles, in this case I'm stuck with manually placing 24 text layers and calculating and inserting the X coordinates for each one. Kind of crazy given the power of Vuo to do other much more complicated tasks with a single node.

rotate text 45º please.vuo

Other questions relating to this composition

  1. Why does the text for Arrange in Grid appear one size when the composition runs and then if you Fire an event using CMD + "T" it resizes.
  2. Why can't I do the Make Text Image and Make Image Layer in the one Process List loop? I was forced by Vuo to make separate loops for it, it wouldn't wire the nodes up to do it.
  3. Why do I need a Fire A Start wire for the First Append Lists node but not the subsequent two?
  4. Is there a way to put a list List of Images straight into the Render Layers to Window node and pre-position them (this is what I will try next!).