Basically a composition to crossfade 2D point lists from List A to List B.

I'm continuously building a new list derived from the starting positions list and ending positions list using interpolation. A Curve node is used inside a loop ** Build List** node to transition from A to B for each point using the start point, end point and time input for the transition timing.

Smoothly transition a list of 2D points.vuo

The last element in the end points array is getting used in the first position of the loop instead of the first element. It's 'out by one' but no idea why or how to fix. This screenshot shows the end positions after transition. The elements are out-by-one for the entire transition animation.


I'm noticing a bunch of this

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I'm noticing a bunch of this kinda thing. Have a Process List which is fed a list of numbers that get converted to a list of Text Layers.

The first layer says "Hello World!" — obviously not receiving the data even though it's wired directly to the Process Item port of the Process List node. When I cut it all out into a stand alone comp to log a bug it starts working correctly.

So then I set up a counter inside the loop and bring in some constant values for a text position calculation from outside the loop and the "Hello World!" appears.

Then I delete the outside wires just leaving the real values and it works, no "Hello World!". So this must be something to do with events getting inside the loop from before hand and loading up the first iteration buffer before it has been passed the real data — or something?! I'm pretty sure it's to do with outside wires coming into the loop.