For example if the Vuo editor is running and you close a composition, you have to go to "create new composition".

In Sketch or mac apps like Pages or Numbers, when you click on the already opened app in the dock and it has no active window, it creates a blank or a template window.

Having the same in Vuo would be a non urgent but cool thing.
Perhaps open either a default blank or a template window with protocols or normal blank composition you'd just have to choose.



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Vuo Pro: 

No — available with both Vuo CE and Vuo Pro


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Hey, Alastair (@usefuldesign)

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Hey, Alastair. I appreciate your wanting to prioritize. For deciding priorities, we (Team Vuo) use the feature request voting system to make decisions. So if you don’t think a feature request should be high priority, all you have to do is not vote for it. Keep in mind that, though a certain feature may not be important to you, it may be important to other people.

Hey Alastair (@usefuldesign)

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Hey Alastair ;) thanks for your input,

Agree with you, that's why I said :

Having the same in Vuo would be a non urgent but cool thing.

This is an idea for a far update or an idea for tiny improvements that in the end, beside big features, make apps more intuitive.


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