As mentionned here at Problem with List Files to speed would it be possible to add a "Finished Playback" output port on Play Movie File like on the Play Audio File node ?

It would be handy to know when to launch the next movie when one is done. Or is there another way to do that ? I came up with a method that compares the movie duration with the time frame but it's a little bulky.



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Thanks again Bodysoultspirit.

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Thanks again Bodysoultspirit. It was too complex for me, indeed an output port Playing the movie file will have simplified the work. Your solution turns very well for me. I'll show you the result when I'm done.

Merci encore une fois Bodysoultspirit.C'était trop complexe pour moi, en effet un port de sortie Play Movie File m'aurai simplifié le travail. Ta solution tourne très bien pour moi.Je te montrerai le résultat quand j'aurai fini.

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