I often use Share Value ports as a way of maintaining a 'presence' in that location of connections to the input/outputs to a node I'm about to delete. And also as a way of transferring static input values from one node to a new node (although the detachable constant flags feature request would solve that use case).

Also more conventional uses of just wanting to share a value with more than one node, it's a frequently used node. Be handy to just right-click the mouse/stylus on any port and have it inserted on the node or wire that has been selected.

UPDATE: I didn't realise one can already right click on an empty canvas location and create a Shared Value node in that location. So this FR would only improve on that by doing the wiring (and setting the data type where relevant) to the Shared Value output port (and in case of clicking on a wire the input port also) for us.



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QC equivalent: 

RightMouseCl Insert Input/Output Splitter ▶︎ [List of ports]



This is closely related to a

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This is closely related to a couple of feature requests that are already open for voting: Insert node between other nodes and Replace all connected output cables at once. Tell you what, I'm going to mark this FR tabled for now, and if it still seems pertinent after those more general FRs make it through the queue, we can reopen it. Implementing those FRs would make it easier to implement this one.

I used this hack all the time

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I used this hack all the time in QC Jaymie.

It takes longer to type "shared" in the Library, drag the node to the canvas, then relocate the port I was wondering to preserve the value of before connecting another wire into that port. Sometimes I've already forgot the port name I was going to split!

Even if I could insert a "Shared Value" Node between the wires, id still need to find it in the Library and drag it onto the canvas, no advantage at all of existing method except that I don't have to put the wire into the port, which is the easier part of the operation.

It's really good for quickly preserving complex data types like colours, as when you swap the colours between to objects.

To me this is a no brainer feature requester.

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Another use case is for output ports where you have many wires coming off the port(s) and you want to divert the single to a new node, but not loose all the connections to existing nodes in case you want to reconnect back to them at a later point, or connect into them at a later point. Split output port to a Shared Value/List node would do the trick.

Here I want to connect the Hold List node to the new Build List node and disconnect from 5 other nodes, but not lose all those connections to the other nodes, in case I need to come back to them and reuse them or just undo my work a bit without using the undo command which forces you to lose everything in reverse order.

While the feature request

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While the feature request "Insert node between other nodes" is more general and allow to add all kind of different nodes to the cable/connection and have them auto connect and while "Replace all connected output cables at once"is more general when you want to replace all outgoing cables with a new node output port, in your specific case with this feature request, you would save 1 click on the share value case if I'm right

  • Insert share value node in the contextual menu : 2 clicks (right click the output port + click the Add Share Value node)
  • Insert share value node by right clicking the canvas and dragging it either to a cable or the output port : 3 clicks

So I guess what Jaymie said here was instead of creating too many different sub-requests that are already almost the same, let's go with the more general ones already that are needed for this one anyway, and see if you stil need it then, reopen it if yes.

But yes, theoretically I don't find this request dumb, one click saved is one click saved ;)
If this request depends on the other requests, maybe it could be merged and added to "Insert node between other nodes" if this ain't too much more work.

Ok @Bodysoulspirit I'd

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Ok Bodysoulspirit I'd forgotten or always been ignorant of the fact that one can right click and produce a Shared Value node, so that does change things quite a bit.

Although it's often a Share List node I'm after not a Share Value, be good if we could right click on the Share Value and change to a Share List maybe?

One thing I really like in

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One thing I really like in Origami is that the keyboard keys are shortcuts for most commonly used patches. and if the mouse is hovering over a port, it wires the patch to that port, inline if there is already a cable there. Very nice, and extremely fast to code with compared to stock QC/Vuo.

Might make some different FR around these points as this one seems like a no go.

Although it's often a Share

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Although it's often a Share List node I'm after not a Share Value

Oh yeah right forgot about that. Or you'd need both in the contextual menu on the output port or for now for a faster implementation maybe right-clicking the canvas could also suggest the insertion of a "Share List" node beside the already implemented "Insert Share Value" node ;)

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