Vuo version: 

OS version: 

  • Mac OS 10.10

How severely does this bug affect you?: 

●●○○ — It's annoying but I can work around it.

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. open the patch
  2. send a OSC with 7 parameters to port 57111
  3. receive OSC with a server listening at 57112
  4. It should receive the same osc, instead parameters are shuffled

Have you found a workaround?: 





Looks like the problem (and

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Not a bug

Looks like the problem (and solution) are actually on the Quartz Composer side.

In QC, there are two ways to look up an item in a structure: by index or by key. When the qcOSC patch turns the received OSC data into a QC structure, it correctly sets the keys (the numbers in quotation marks) but shuffles the order of the indices (the numbers you're looking at). So the tooltip looks wrong, but if you use Structure Key Member instead of Structure Index Member to look up the items, you should get the correct result.