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I'm new to IP cameras and the RTSP protocol. Any way to deal with video streams in Vuo via RTSP?


Hi,I have some work with IP

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Hi, I have some work with IP cameras and I use some apps to capture the stream and then pass it to syphon.

There are cameras that have the option to choose between two protocols: http and rtps. There are also different codecs for streaming: MJPEG, H.264, ...

If you use the HTTP protocol and MJPEG encoding, there are two applications you can use to convert the stream to a syphon feed.



If you use the RTSP protocol you can use:

ManyCam (payable)


I hope it can be of help.




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I was going to create a feature request for RTSP support (it's not there as of Vuo 1.2.6), but then my excellent coworker discovered that it only took a small change to get it to work. So that should be in the next major release.

In the meantime, if there's an RTSP-to-Syphon solution that works for your situation (thanks, @jandraka, for the list!), that is what I'd recommend.