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Space VJ Meeting 3 http://spacevjmeeting.net/?lang=pl

this composition draw a cosmic web to deference point(from snapshot image).

this compositon has 3 windows and 1 syphon output.

parhaps you can use to your instaration without other software, but i recomend combination with mapping software(ex. madmapper).

@ "Setting" window. ->"Space" key : snapshot. ->"Q" key : quit this app. ->"S" key : stop "Monitor Video". ->"V" key : change live video device. ->"G" key : appear glid and cropping video to "Syphon Output Monitor".

if you want to change the detecting deference range, please drag Orange and Parple point. ->"R" key : reset Orange and Parple point.

@ "Monitor Video" window.

@ "Syphon Output Monitor" window.


Download app

Package icon 171102_svm3_instaration.zip12.24 MB

Download composition

Package icon cmp.zip75.11 KB

Tested with

Vuo version:
OS version:


wow - nice work.

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wow - nice work. it deserves a big space (wide camera image), and a fast gpu ;-) i'd be interested to see it being exhibited - and how you used mapping to get your best result... Greets - Carlitos

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