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I'd like see Brownian motion function added to collection of available noises (Perlin and Simplex) in Make Gradient Noise node.

Brownian motion seems organic, I find it looking better than Perlin/Simples for moving objects on x, y, z axes.



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So you want to move objects

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So you want to move objects in paths like this, right? (source: Sullivan.t.j,

That would not be very difficult, but I think it would be a separate node from Make Gradient Noise since it's a different kind of noise and probably needs different inputs.

I've attached a rough simulation of Brownian motion in 1 dimension if you want to use it before this feature request is implemented.

Yes, that's the function. I

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Yes, that's the function. I've checked your examples, thanks. I'm looking for more smooth outputs. In TouchDesigner implementation there's "number of integrals" parameter, when I set it to 2 I'm getting a nice fluid moves, that are giving the most natural look for things likes camera position. Like here:

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