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Hi, Does anybody have a Macbook pro 13” w/ Intel Iris 640 and is experiencing problems? Every time I use any 3d object node, screen gets full of lines and glitches. This has been reported as a bug like a month and half ago and I was hoping that the next (1.2.7) update would fix this. It didn’t so I’d like to know if in the meantime anybody else purchased the same computer and is having the same issues just to isolate the problem and be 100% sure it is the graphic driver related problem? I’m on 10.13 with the latest updates. Thanks for any help!


Hi Jaymie (@jstrecker),

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Hi Jaymie (@jstrecker), thanks for the answer. I've tried on 1.2.5, 1.2.4, 1.2.3 and its the same thing, crashes right away. Did you guys get the chance to try it in this gpu already? In november I was Vjing on my friend's laptop and it was the previous line Intel Iris 540. There was no problem on that one, so maybe it's something specific about the 6XX line?

The closest we have available

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The closest we have available to test on is an Intel Iris Pro 5200, and that does not exhibit the problem in macOS 10.13.

Anyone else have an Intel Iris Plus 640? Do 3D object nodes such as Spike 3D Object, Divide 3D Object, and Add Noise to 3D Object work correctly for you on macOS 10.13? What about other macOS versions?