I always assumed they were updated with the install, but now seeing examples in the DL do not appear as option from the File/examples menu.

can't seem to find where they go or info on this.

thanks for any help!



Hey Sean,

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Hey Sean,

What do you mean ? You mean in the menu there are no example compostions at all ? Or you can't find the recent ones ?
I agree sometimes finding an example composition from the example menu is hard, I never remember what they're really named or in which sub-menu they're in.
Maybe a search would be cool.

For example 1.2.7 added the "Animate Supershape" composition that you should find in the "Scene" submenu.

The example compositions are

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The example compositions are included with the app. You don't have to install them separately. (We optionally provide the examples in a separate zip file because some people prefer to browse them that way.)

You can search for example compositions by name in the Help menu's search bar.

Which examples are you missing?