As I'm learning Vuo still, popovers are one of my favourite debugging and WTFing tools in Vuo. I'd just like them to behave a bit more orderly.

I'd like detached popovers to

  1. Maintain minimum size unless size has been adjust (currently we cannot adjust their window size)
  2. Be size adjustable to see more data at times (less important)
  3. When opened, moved, closed, opened again: return to the previous (user preferred) moved position at least until I quit Vuo.

I arrange a series of popovers on the screen and they are watching lists, and i've deliberately made the lists short so I can see what is going on through the composition as I adjust an input value. Then I make the lists quite long (maybe by accident maybe intentionally) and either way when I return to short lists, the windows don't shrink to small windows again and they're all on top of each other. If I close popover tear offs, when I reopen them I need to reposition them.

I realise they stay at the bigger size possibly to stop them constantly adjusting size and slowing the editor down, so perhaps a one second delay could occur before returning to a minimally appropriate size?

Original minimal size:

Bigger lists they expand:

left behind:

Sorry don't know what is going on with those tiny thumb images when you click the links. I uploaded screenshots, what happened after that i dont know :-)

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