Although we have the window title of composition run/view windows set to the files name automatically, they all appear as "VuoCompositionLoader" and I can't remember which one is which because Dock always juggles things around.

Be good to have the app process name changed to file name, or even just VuoCompLoader1, VuoCompLoader2,… if that is less work. It's a minor request but would help. I tend to have several compositions running to help me understand how a particular node or combination of nodes works when I'm working on a bigger composition.

I use ⌘⇧R to achieve this ATM, but involves a time wait and reset state penalty.

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There might be another FR

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There might be another FR which is to have the Run button changed to Run/View button (IIRC something by cwright) and you can press it even when the comp is running. This would negate need for this FR. Options as I see it:

  1. Leave it as Run button but make it clickable during running state to bring view app to front and in focus;
  2. Have it as Run button and change it to Restart button (so still active but different purpose) when the composition is running. This doesn't solve the bring comp to front and focus issue;
  3. Same as above but with a separate View Button that is greyed out when in 'not running' state to bring composition windows to the front and in focus;
  4. Have it as a Run/Stop button so clicking it when composition is running stops the composition. Also could add an Option mode where mouse click plus "option" key Views the composition. Right-mouse clicking could give you a context menu to Restart the composition (if the toolbar becomes customisable that will block any right clicking of toolbar buttons same for command + click which moves buttons on toolbar);
  5. QC style: Have a Run/View composition button. The Run button changes to View when running. Possibly Command clicking it stops the composition.

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