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Use the mouse to draw, then rotate the scene with the camera.

Uses khenkel's Parabox node set.

Draw in Space with Stripes #3

Draw in Space #1


Download composition

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Created as a simple test or demonstration

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Thanks, @Bodysoulspirit!

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Thanks, Bodysoulspirit!

Now for part 2, still not sure how to go about this -- I want to continuously rotate the drawing away from the viewer plane when not drawing, then sync the mouse to the viewer/drawing while drawing (2D).

Backstory: here's the thread discussing the QC comp this is modeled on (with some really great javascript cwright put together for the QC comp). It was a very effective piece of work for live interactive video performance. I used to set it up with a hacked ps3 eye game camera (now $7.86 at Walmart!) tracking a battery powered infrared light in a ping pong ball. (The cv tracking was actually done in a Max/MSP/Jitter patch, but that's another story). Not sure what technology I'd try now to do this.

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