I wonder if it's possible to output a quaternion data from "Find Barcode in Image" representing the inclination of the scanned barcode in the input image.



With the barcode library we

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With the barcode library we're using (zxing), we could provide an angle in 2D space, similar to the Rotation port on Make Layer nodes.

But are you looking for rotation angles in 3D space? That would be more effectively done with an AR library: Detect markers/features in images for augmented reality (which I see you've already commented on; thanks for the suggestion).


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Hi, thanks for the update. Yes, I'm, still looking for a 3d AR system, now I see "Find barcode in image" can't be the solution. Actually I'm using a patch in QC based on an old version of ARToolkit. A port of a more recent version, or of a fork like ARToolkitX, could allow better performances.

regards michele

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