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Is there a way to name .vuo subcomps saved as modules to insure that the text displays with intended spaces and caps in the node library?


With File > Save Composition

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With File > Save Composition to Node Library, it will more or less accept the title as you enter it. A limitation is that it will capitalize every word.

The title is parsed from the node class name, which is treated as camelCase. So jersmi.myNiftyNode.vuo becomes "My Nifty Node".

Does that answer your question, or is there some specific case where it's not working as you intend?

Yeah, I see that, thank you,

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Yeah, I see that, thank you, Jaymie. How about parentheses, like Vuo's Input Selector (8) (when I try, closest I get is "Input Selector( 8)"). Or caps grouped together, something like "Some RGB Module" (which displays as "Some R G B Module")?

Small issue, I know....