I was inspired by Smokris' Composition: Mouse Grid using the** is within rectangle node**. I wanted to tweak this slightly and have a word that moves to a random grid space when your mouse moves over it. A word you can't catch. I'm almost there I think....

So I have 2 parts to this composition.

Part 1, the mouse grid. move your mouse over the squares to turn them see-through (black).

Part 2, The text layer, The bit I'm having trouble with, I have it all semi working but it's a bit glitchy, not as I expected. Sometimes the word Moved is small, and I seem to have a tile in the top right hand corner thats always flickering.


Am I going about this the right way? I'm sure there should be a hold value node in there somewhere but I've tried so many combinations now (face palm)

Any pearls welcomed. Mario