I have a beginner's question here. I recently purchased Vuo and I'm working my way through everything and got stuck on this "Custom Grids" tutorial.

In the end it says as follows: By the addition of another Make Points along Curve and a Spread List Item Groups to this, it is expandable to a 3D grid as well!

I really tried many variations and get stuck here how to get this on the z-axis in the depth?

Yes, I have found other solutions, but I would like to follow and simply understand this one. Maybe someone can help me get this knot out of my head?

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See attached. I approach this

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See attached. I approached this by setting up the XY list of points first, then copying that n times for the Z positions.

You'll see I was also playing around with lights, because only using the lit image shader, images on some 3D grid points didn't show up so well. As a result I have a separate issue -- is there a way to get the camera to process it's position before the light? Using a spot light clearly illustrates the issue -- when starting up the comp, the spot light shows its position as expected, then as soon as the camera is moved, the points keep the light position from the first frame.