I want to have a text image stretch between 2 3d points in space. when the points are further away the text will be bigger, when they're closer the text will be smaller.

The only way I could think of and it's probably not the best was to find the mid point to link the image to and introduce some sort of scale factor to make the image bigger or smaller based on the distance between the 2 points.

I had two ideas how to go about finding the mid point: 1. Using the measure distance node and dividing by 2 2. was to use make points along line. number of points 3 and selecting the midpoint 2.

The second part, finding the rotation I have no idea. I also feel that using a scale factor is not a very accurate way of doing this. Any solutions, workarounds welcome.


Not sure I understand

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Not sure I understand correctly what you're trying to achieve but what about using directly a line and shade it ? Problem with this method however is you have to calculate/scale the line width.
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