i have an array of 128 values. i want to display it as a waveform. The array comes from Reaktor. I am already displaying it on my ipad on Lemur app and canvas object. However i dont know wich modules should i usue in Vuo... in attached screenshot for example what should i put between OSC message and a line strip mesh? should i use some other modules ? any help appreciayed


Is Reaktor sending the array

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Is Reaktor sending the array as (a) a series of 128 OSC messages each containing 1 number or (b) 1 OSC message containing 128 numbers?

If (a), you can use Get Message Values (vuo.osc.message.get.1) feeding into an Enqueue node to collect the series of messages into a list. Then you can turn these into 2D point values using Make Points along Line and Merge XY Lists, like in File > Open Example > Audio > Show Audio Frequencies.

If (b), can you easily change to (a)? There's no Vuo node currently to receive an OSC message with that many data values.

thank You for replying.

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thank You for replying.

i'm afraid it's option (b). Reaktor is sending constantly changing Array of 128 elements. i would like to be able to display it in Vuo just like i do on my ipad. here's a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYA7Dvscpk4&feature=youtu.be

i have checked 'Show audio frequencies" but i'm having trouble with connecting different type of messages together. 'Enque' should be connected with 'merge XY' but ports aren't compatible. Sorry if it's really basic stuff i'm having trouble with, but i'm trying to connect Rektor, Lemur and VUO together... I don't know how to manage lists exactly: for example how to display Lemur's "MultiSlider" object correctly ( but with more than just a couple of sliders wich can be done with get 'message values'). Pointing me to the right direction would be great :)