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Steve was faster uploading a method to recreate an animation as asked by mle here xtruding curves - the Zach Lieberman but I decided to upload mine too anyway.

It actually had the same idea but I used Steve custom "Reinterpret Object" node and played with the lists a little bit to create more a triangle based mesh instead of lines.
I did not focus on the pendulum either but on the 3D shape. However I was not able to recreate the metallic-like shader.

Includes a color version (with 2 different cameras, a black and white version that simulates like a handwriting and an audio animated version), Named it calligraphy "EQ" because I will update it with more Audio Animated versions.

PS : You'll need Smokris custom nodes (to download in the node gallery page).
PS2 : You can switch between orthographic or perspective cameras.


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Hey @Bodysoulspirit, nice

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Hey Bodysoulspirit, nice comp, I like the seamless triangle strip mesh better than Steve' lines. Regarding the metallic shader, I copied Steve' macro shader to your comp, but I can't see how to rotate the shader image on the line strip to get it look like Steve'. Or at least I think that's a path to a solution, is it possible? Any progress on your side?

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