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The ability to code sign exported apps, a little prompter that would appear when exporting an app.

PS : Any coder would know if technically the mac app store would allow Vuo exported apps to be uploaded ? Or is that against some rules ?



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Yes — requires a Vuo Pro license


●●○○ — A few weeks of work


●●● — Opens Vuo to a new audience

Also exported screensavers.


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Opened for voting.

To be clear, code-signing requires an Apple Developer account, which you'd have to purchase from Apple in order to use this feature.

Any coder would know if technically the mac app store would allow Vuo exported apps to be uploaded ?

In 2014, we manually modified an app exported from Vuo, including code-signing it, to see if we could submit it to the Mac App Store. At that time, Apple apparently was OK with the technical nature of the app. They rejected the app, but not on technical grounds, just because it was a simple example that didn't do a whole lot. While I can't guarantee that Apple would accept a Vuo exported app now, I don't know of any rules prohibiting it.

Now that Notarization is

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Now that Notarization is becoming a must on Catalina (although I saw this imore.com/apple-delays-notarization-non-app-store-software-macos-catalina-until-january-2020), I guess it makes more sense to add Notarization to this Feature Request, and add a difficulty dot if needed, rather than split requests, because notarization will somehow be needed anyway is it not ? (see discussion about it here Apps notarized by Apple)

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