I must be being silly because I can't work this one out.

I have a Json data stream containing updated x and y coordinates for a 100 objects. Looks something like this,


I want to merge a list of all the xy coordinates (they're updating 15fps)

Using the [find subtrees with name] I can see the content but how do I get at it, how do I merge the lists?

much appreciated :) M


Thanks @Bodysoulspirit

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Thanks Bodysoulspirit

Looks like I almost got there, omitting the get tree content node feels like its made it a little faster. I wonder if I could get better results if the coordinates were listed in a different way so we don't have to have so many processed list nodes. Will report back. Thanks again for the quick response! Safeness&Greatness M

Yes maybe encoding the values

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Yes maybe encoding the values in another way could help.

And if Get Tree Content would export a list of values (or a space separated values block of text) we could use that.

Another method is to use split text (joined composition), maybe that would work as a workaround, test what is faster :