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Blur with Mask is a Fake Depth of Field or Tiltshift photography style image filter. This is a development of one of @GeorgeToledo 's very useful Quartz Composer constructs.


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I took a look at the comp and

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I took a look at the comp and it looks good. Your DOF seems less "fake" than a lot of the DOF you see being faked. At least it's real variable blur that's good quality and seems fast and responsive to work with.

I released a Tilt-Shift DOF simulation effect for Final Cut Pro a few months ago. Mine uses a combination of a Quartz Composer based FxPlug and Apple Motion. I was able to repurpose onscreen UI widgets from the stock effects that come with Motion to give it a decent UI.,

Thanks for checking it out.

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Thanks for checking it out. I like the UI you used in yours. It'd be nice to make something similar for this effect in the long run but not really needed for a FFGL as I plan to use it. The x/y controls for the linear gradient can get a bit confusing as it is now.

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