Imagine you have a box room, and all the walls, the floor and the ceiling are edge to edge screens.

If we then created a 3D scene in vuo and wanted to project it onto those screens so it wraps around you seamlessly how do you think one would go about that?

Would it take a custom camera? Or is it possible to output a manipulated image of sorts? Bit of a mind bender. Thoughts welcomed ;)


Thanks @Kewl, it's really the

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Thanks Kewl, it's really the inside Vuo stuff that I'm thinking about, how one would capture a 3d scene to wrap a cube without weird distortions and misalignments. Would you build a kind of 6 camera setup? and how would that stitch together? What if the room wasn't perfectly cubed? Could we maybe stitch two 180degree fisheye cameras together and somehow use that to build the texture map?

Not sure but possibly something to do with this thread....