Touch Bar support (as featured on the Apple Macbook Pro's) would be nice to have in the editor, for example run/stop buttons for compositions or have some sliders to manipulate published input ports.

Additionally it would be amazing if there was a Touch Bar node that would allow compositions to display stuff on the Touch Bar and use it as an input to control values inside compositions etc.

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@Jaymie, as much I a

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@Jaymie, as much I a personally appreciate and use the TouchBar in many apps, Apple has recently abandoned it on it's newest MacBook Pro machines. Should we probably remove this feature request? As it doesn't feel worth investing any effort in now. Agree?

Well, let's wait and see if

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Well, let's wait and see if the touch bar is gone for good before closing this. No harm in keeping it open for now, I think. (If you're concerned about older feature requests cluttering up the listing, we're planning to address that by improving the organization of the page.)

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