From Steve's blog post Never-ending-notary-nuisance-or-infinite-loop-infinite-loop I learned feature macOS apps will need to be authorized by Apple.

This may seem a bit early to talk about it since we don't know how or when but I was wondering if the team already had had some thoughts regarding this. I wanted to cast some votes on the "Code-sign" apps feature request but I admit if we get code-signing now and sooner or later no possibility to authorize, code-signing seems a bit useless, if Gatekeeper blocks apps one or twice doesn't change a lot.

I don't know any technical code-related stuff about this but my question is : will there be a way for Vuo exported apps & screensaversto to support this as well ? From the editor ? Or will Vuo have to export some kind of Xcode bundles and we would need Xcode to build the app and let Apple authorize it ? Or another method like authorize it another way ?