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Inspired by Luiz André Gama 's basic recursive tree I wanted to find a way to build a 3d tree.

Think I just about nailed it! Click a mouse to build branches. Everytime you run it it should build a different tree.

Any idea how I can build in a reset function with a key press?

Kudos to Magneson for the fractal tutorial.


Download composition

Binary Data Recursive Random Tree 3d lines.vuo17.89 KB

Tested with

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Thanks Bodysoulspirit

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Thanks Bodysoulspirit Lots I'd like to improve and add to this though and I would really appreciate some help.

Firstly I've been trying to automate the growth rather than using a mouse click. How can I set-up a limited queue of events? Fire periodically and Count within range does not seem to be working for that. I've been reading and re-reading the manual on the subject but having trouble understanding Build lists, Queues, and Hold lists. (I always did have issues understanding Iterators in Qtz too, it's just an alien abstract mathematical thing my brain has issues with).

Second I'd like to add leaves or flowers to the structure and also make it a solid rather than line object, can't work that out either yet.

Brilliant thanks for the

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Brilliant thanks for the quick reply. It was giving me a headache. I had tried with event only cables but Allow Changes is 100% what I was missing!

As for the challenge of making it a solid and adding leaves, I have done some interesting tests with other 3D objects which build succulent/cacti type forms. I'll endeavour to find a way to make it work with something similar to the method that I used in Cylinder Snakes

You can reduce the amount of

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You can reduce the amount of nodes by calculating the line widths instead of a select 8 sizes node.

For a solid object I don't know, according to your Cylinder Snake you're more skilled than me regarding that :)

For flowers it depends where you want them, if only at the ends, you could do like this (see attached comp).


Hello all, just revisiting

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Hello all, just revisiting this comp again. Trying to find a way to save the tree scene/object. I hoped it would work with Save Data but that does not accept the scene as an input. Is there some conversion I need to do to format the data to be saved?

Maybe I need to make feature request to write 3d object data?

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