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Audio reactive 3D version attempt of Eclipse EQ

Includes 3 modes, each in normal composition mode or image generator mode.
Play with lines width & sphere size for different results.

Public domain.

3D Eclipse EQ - Audio Reactive Vuo Composition


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Package icon 3D Eclipse EQ [CH].zip12.91 MB

Download composition

Package icon 3D Eclipse EQ [CH].zip27.74 KB


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PS : Is there a way to embed

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PS : Is it possible the Youtube quality auto function doesn't work perfectly when embedded here ? Is it due to the embed function ?
When watching the video on youtube auto it plays at 1080 with my internet connection, here on the forum it usually sticks to 360p.
I used the default url to the video and the video plays at 360p, then I tried to force the HD view using but it still plays in 360p here.

If you use the full-screen

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If you use the full-screen button at lower right, does the little gear in the lower right show HD or some other quality setting?

Just checked, yes indeed it does in HD in fullscreen, would still be cool if loaded in HD even if not fullscreen as on youtube if possible, just an idea :)

Well, we looked into this and

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Well, we looked into this and the resolution seems to depend entirely on YouTube, not something we can configure on our site. We can control the size of the video widget on the page, but not the resolution of the video that actually plays. We tried this solution but it no longer works. YouTube chooses the video resolution based on the user's YouTube settings and YouTube's determination of the user's available bandwidth.

Concerning YouTube automatic

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Concerning YouTube automatic video quality:

YouTube has an algorithm to decide the default video quality that depends on its assessment of the internet connection speed, geographical location, and other factors. Unfortunately, YouTube does not give websites the ability to override that decision.

We've tested using the exact code that YouTube's Share button provides, and we get the same results as on

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