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Back to the 80's :)
You can create some loops with this for your backgrounds.
Normal & audio reactive (travel speed) & Image generator versions included for use in Coge & VDMX (may need some tweaks for audio I did not check it out).
Also posterized colors & offset colors versions included.

Requirements : Steve's reinterpret 3D Object node (download here) because the stock wireframe shader ignores lightning.

Improvements welcome.
License : Public Domain

80s Free Loop - Vuo Audioreactive Plugin


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Hey! Any thoughts on this

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Hey! Any thoughts on this error?

Error compiling subcomposition /Users/michaelst-jean/Library/Application Support/Vuo/Modules/smokris.make.glitch.image.vuo: Subcomposition contains itself — smokris.make.glitch.image contains an instance of itself, or contains another subcomposition that contains an instance of smokris.make.glitch.image.

I downloaded and unzipped the .vuo files into the Modules folder, then started getting this message for all the smokris* nodes in the project.

I am hoping to explore using this design and add audio-generated trees D: Would love to explore that!


mstjean joined here is a

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mstjean joined here is a version for the Image Generator composition without the smokris nodes, almost the same.
Hope this helps.

It's up to the custom node creators to update their nodes or not. Although, somehow a related feature request could be Edit node C code in the Vuo Editor have it do all the Qt wrangling for the node where you should be able to update nodes yourself pretty easily from within the Vuo Editor.


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