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Is there currently a way to play an animated gif in Vuo as it was designed with "frame time" instead of movie frames? If not, could I make this a feature request, maybe to add it to the Play Movie node?

This is a follow up to the question from this thread: Steve posted some very helpful subcomp/modules for breaking down gifs into individual frames. This solution, however, sidesteps the heart and soul of old school animated gifs, which sometimes relied on finessing/varying frame times, for comic timing, etc. Steve's tools, for example, cannot accurately play back an old school gif like this, which relies on frame time to pause the first frame before the eye blinks and sparkles:



The Play Movie node can, for

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The Play Movie node can, for the most part, play animated GIFs with uneven timing. For example, in the first attached composition, Play Movie correctly pauses for 3 seconds on the first frame before moving to the second frame.

However, looping isn't working right. Play Movie correctly plays the first frame the first time around, but misses it on the repeats. Instead it dwells on the last frame for 3 seconds.

The second attached composition is a workaround. Instead of using the node's loop mode, it uses the Finished Playback event to loop.