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I originally called it morph instead of blend, but I think there's a precedent for blend?



Bodysoulspirit, yes -- I

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Bodysoulspirit, yes -- I should have searched "blend" -- I only searched "morph". I guess nevermind for this feature request, I'll vote on the other one!

Joe wrote: It is possible to do a 3D blend already using the Lerp Real list function from Martinus Magneson's Utilities

That's a cool idea -- what did you do in the video there, extract vertices using Get Mesh Values and use Magneson's lerp node? What about UV's, etc.? What about meshes with unequal amounts of elements?

I thought I had released a

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I thought I had released a XYZ lerp thingy long time ago, but it seems that I haven't. If it's needed for V2 I'll probably include it then in the updated package (that probably will break old comps).

It won't blend/morph scenes, but it'll do the points at least. Singular nodes attached, but will probably not translate well into the future. Use at your own peril, and make a note of which comps you are using them with so that you can easily update it when/if necessary later.

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