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3D butterfly wings flying around a 3D world.

  • Select from four butterfly wing colors.
  • Rotate the camera to rotate the sphere mapped park scene.


Put the jersmi.butterfly.vuo composition in your modules folder.


Download composition

Package icon butterfly.zip1.13 MB


Created as a simple test or demonstration

Tested with

Vuo version:
OS version:


Because your path is ~

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Because your path is ~/Desktop/DESKTOP A/VUO/butterfly0/ so I would have to put it on the same location, on the desktop, in a folder named Vuo and sub-folder "butterfly0".

With ./ it scans the folder the composition is in, no matter where it is

That means the Vuo site won't

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That means the Vuo site won't let me update the original zip file.

When I try to delete the zip, it asks me to log in, keeps doing this for files I try to delete/upload. When I first tried to upload the corrected zip it wasn't immediately obvious that it didn't work (asking me for creds when I'm already logged in is weird behavior, should have checked to see if it uploaded correctly, I was tired). I think I had trouble with the screenshot upload, too. I often mess things up the first time I post then make a bunch of edits/corrections, standard for me. Seems comp gallery does not like edits/changes to original posts?

Not sure about the login

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Not sure about the login thing, could be related to something else, but I think the system does not like files to be reuploaded under the same filename, usually just add something like a version number and it works, f.e. butterfly
And from your file I see an empty URL also works to scan the current folder, no need to add ./

jersmi, I just uploaded a

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jersmi, I just uploaded a version of the composition with the corrected Wing URL. I'm not sure what would have caused the site to keep asking you to log in or to ignore your new upload, but if it happens again, please file a bug report and we'll look into it.

Although you shouldn't need to change the file name when re-uploading to avoid duplicates, since the website does this automatically, adding a version number as Bodysoulspirit suggested is not a bad idea to help keep track of the different versions.

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