I'm trying out the new 2.0 beta and am trying to recreate some of the example compositions as Final Cut Pro X effects to learn how to start making my own.

However, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around how to connect everything.

Mainly the "Time" input and the "Render Layers to Window" to the output port.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Sample Project: 1

My attempt at making it a Final Cut Pro X effect: Mine


There are protocol modes,

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There are protocol modes, which have published inputs & outputs, and are ment to communicate with stuff outside the composition, and there are regular / normal / standalone compositions that can run in Vuo or be exported also as macOS apps (see the video Jean Marie shared, but the online manual hasn't been updated yet if I'm right, but you can search for help in the Vuo Menu Bar, it has a section about exporting compositions).

The "Render Layers To Window" node will create a window for you to display the composition, but for Final Cut you don't need a window, you need to output your stuff to Final Cut.
So leave that (you can't connect a window to an image port, that's why you're having trouble), and connect the images directly to the published outputimage port.

Here, there are several combined images, so you can use a "Blend Image" node (see screenshot & joined composition below).

I did not test it in Final Cut, and there may be some other changes to make (haven't played with Final Cut exported compositions yet), but that is a start regarding the main question.

Hope this helps ;)