Is there a way to convert a Table into a Tree? I've previously used XML files in Vuo and am hoping there is a way to pull data out of a .csv file in a similar way. Basically I've been given spreadsheet data provided in .csv format that I'm hoping to fetch rows of data based on queries that match a specific column of the data.

Here is an example:

ID# First Name Last Name
0001 Amy Gross
0002 Jiminy Cricket
0003 Andy Milner
0004 Tiffany Gilly
0005 Bob Smith

If you input 0004 it responds with Tiffany Gilly, input 0002 it respond with Jiminy Cricket. etc. Is there a way to convert a Table to a tree so I can use 'Find Subtrees using XPath' and Find Subtrees with Name to pull out the data I'm looking for?