I just started playing with the new UI Buttons and sliders, which by the way I think are great, especially the themes. I noticed however that the new Button nodes don't have the option for adding an icon or image to the button face. Is this still a feature that might be released in final 2.0 release?

As a temporary work around, even though the older button node is now depreciated, I can still run compositions that contain one in a new Vuo 2.0 composition. I can also copy and paste the older node if I need more buttons created so it's not an immediate crisis or anything. I'm just hoping not to loose this feature as I've used it a number of time and I think images are sometimes quicker to identify than words. What would be really cool IMO would be the ability to overlay the entire background colour of a button with an image or if it's an image with transparency the background colour will still show through.

See attached image for comparison:

  • Old Style of UI Button: Purple
  • New Style of UI Buttons: Blue