Hey all, I'm trying to figure out how to build a block structure in Vuo equivalent to an "if undefined" statement. Essentially, I have a subcomposition that may have incoming data, but otherwise should use defaults. I can see how one might do that with the "Select Input" and "Is ___ populated" nodes. Unfortunately though there's no "is shader populated" node, which I would need in this case. There's not some kind of generic "is undefined" node, is there? Or perhaps there's another way?

Thanks, -M.


While I guess an "Is Shader

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While I guess an "Is Shader Populated" coule be great, what type of shader is it ? Can you use another "Is Populated" node before the shader node, for example if it's an image based shader ?
Also maybe play with the Select Latest node or the Changed node.

Will be easier to help if you either post your composition if you don't care, or a snippet of it regarding the problem, or some screenshot ;)


Thank you both for the

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Thank you both for the responses. Michele, this looks like exactly what I needed. No reason to complicate things with extra nodes that have limited utility (such as a "Is Shader Populated"). Checking a node's summary seems like a useful technique to know in general, too.

Thanks! -M.