When a composition is an Image Generator protocol, there seems to be no way to size the output window other than manually with a mouse cursor.

I was attempting to render a composition to a 1280x720 movie file, and was noticing that after I converted it to the Image generator protocol, that I couldn't figure out a way to adjust the composition window to exactly the same resolution.

Am I overlooking some place where this can be set by inputting the desired pixel resolution for the output window?


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The QCTV code example has

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The QCTV code example has cocoa based code that shows how this could work.

But also, can’t the window spawned just match the texture size it is being sent? There doesn’t even have to be anything fancy if the output window just went ahead and matched the input res when the composition is initialized. I think it is arguably bug-like behavior that it is currently somehow arbitrary.

I don’t think this is a

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I don’t think this is a feature request type scenario in that there is no way to render movies and have a workflow where the user is previewing the output they are going to get. Does it really make sense to open it up to voting whether or not the window should match the dimensions being sent? Or is this just a bug? Maybe you all are right though, just throwing that line of thought out there.

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