Hey all, So I just upgraded to pro and updated to the beta. I'm having issues with trying to run some of my compositions containing nodes I created on the previous version (as is to be expected). A lot of it seems to be connected to the new way subcompositions handle event flow. I'm trying to debug them and figure out what needs be changed, but Vuo keeps giving me the beachball of death when clicking the data ports of some nodes in the broken subcomps in question. Particularly while the comp is running. This is making it pretty tough to sort out what's going on.

I've included one of the broken subcomps and it's dependencies (also probably broken) for people to check out. If anyone can help with this that'd be very cool.


Yep, it's a good idea in

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Yep, it's a good idea in general to remove unnecessary triggers.

When testing with your subcompositions, my coworker encountered a problem related to the Process List node whose Finished Processing output port isn't connected to anything. It appears to be a new problem in Vuo 2.0.0 (starting with beta1). Workaround: publish the output port or, if you don't actually need the output, delete the node. We'll work on a fix.