Vuo version: 

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

  1. Open the attached composition.
  2. Within it, open the subcomposition.
  3. Run the composition.
  4. Enable Show Events in both the composition and subcomposition.
  5. Wait ~30 seconds.

Other notes: 

Originally reported by jersmi on . I too got a crash on my first (and only so far) attempt.


Package icon LissajousTest.zip6.95 KB

Crash reports: 

Binary Data Vuo_2020-01-29-114302_Serios-Jobb.crash122.61 KB


Couple things --

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Couple things --

  1. The "lissajous" comp I am running that consistently crashes using Show Events does not include a subcomp.

  2. Seems to crash more if I turn on Show Events then do something in the editor. Seems to avoid crashes more if I engage Show Events, do nothing in the editor, then turn off Show Events and carry on with editing. (Though with this "let's have a look at event flow then get back to work" approach, I might be avoiding the ~30 sec window where it would crash no matter what).