I wish to send a binary control code over a serial connection and not sure how best to encode this into the string for 'Send Serial Data'. I found the 'Make Text from ASCII' Node so should I use that for each char with 'Append Texts'? I was half expecting to find a way to escape special chars into a string but if it's there I couldn't find it :-)



It turns out there is a

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It turns out there is a limitation with the approach described above: it won't handle zeros probably (presumably because they're considered to terminate the preceding characters/string?) So I'm reading an external file I create manually and then outputting that to the serial port. I'd prefer a self-contained method so would still welcome any suggestions.

The task I'm working on is scheduling projector power on/off times for an installation via its RS232 control codes.

I've run into some strange behavior with 'Is Time-of-Day After' which I might write up separately; it doesn't return True if the current time is many hours past the test time. Composition attached.