I'm stuck ... anyone have an example of how to implement a series of toggle buttons, so that when any one is selected the rest deselect. Tried with various logic using the events from the toggle button node but to date no success. Imagine the logic as shown in attached but this "races".


Ahh, thanks.

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Ahh, thanks. But I think a little trickier than that. But I didn't explain fully, I'm looking for a button set where 1. One button is always on. 2. Initially one button is on. Can't remember what this is called in interface design ... the user selects one of N options.

Mmm. Yeah, maybe it's still

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Mmm. Yeah, maybe it's still possible, but the problem is a toggle button will always toggle when you click on it.
If you don't have too many you could make your own toggle buttons with regular buttons & text layers.
If you have many, you can still do it, but more cables to connect. or save as a subcomp to save cables maybe.

PS the on / off text labels are just to demonstrate you can use the cables to on / off things you want.