I remember Jaymie already answered me positively about this, but couldn't find the topic back.
What about displaying the funding costs of a feature request on the feature requests themselves ?

I mean perhaps if some people had a better idea of a FR cost, they'd be more willing to fund it ?

Maybe that will allow the Vuo team to spend more time on Vuo and gain direct funding, instead of doing other work at Kosada to also fund Vuo ?

Maybe the price shouldn't be all big displayed on top, but accessible with a simple button to reveal ?

BTW, cool to see some website refreshed style ;)



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We've added at table at the bottom of https://vuo.org/vote that ties complexity to a cost range. We added "If you want to fund a feature request, contact us — we're available for hire!" to our Feature Request page. Until we actually choose to implement a feature request, we don't do a detailed estimate, because those take time from development work.