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Now that Vuo supports .c files as nodes, that I don't need all the QT software and Xcode, and that the latest Vuo CE nodes are published, it's great to start to dig in node codes, even for non coders like me.

This node allows to apply a 3D transform to a node, with rotations around 3 axis (screenshot with a Rounded Rectangle Layer).

As a non coder at the beginning it's really about checking several codes and trying to make modifications. So I'm not into great memory leaks prevention etc, but I hope this one is ok.

Put this .c node inside your modules folders as usual. Joined also an example composition.

PS to the team, hope I did the license part correctly, please notify me if not.




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mic thanks. Really only

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mic thanks. Really only starting to dig the nodes code, so this is basically just a 'Transform 3D Object" code where I replaced the 3D object with layers :)

Really cool, you can just put a .c file in your modules folder and modify the code with whatever editor (even a shortcut to edit the code with your default editor from the node library below). And Vuo automatically relaunches modified codes.

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