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  • macOS 10.13

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Not sure this is a bug, or if it's the wanted behaviour, but in Vuo 128, if one would shine a Point Light onto a sphere with sharpness set to 0, the light spreads smoothly on the sphere.

Starting Vuo 2, even with sharpness set to 0, it's kinda a hard transition. See screenshots & attached files.

If not a bug, how to get smooth lights on a sphere ?

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In Vuo 2.0 we adapted the

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In Vuo 2.0 we adapted the lighting calculations to use sRGB-gamma 2.2, so this is partially an intentional change. However, the specular highlights seem incorrectly calculated in your second screenshot — they spread too far when the object is viewed with the light behind it. We'll be taking another look at this as we transition Vuo's graphics to use Metal instead of OpenGL.

In the meantime, I've found that using a gradient image shader and an aligned point light can provide a smoother transition. I've attached an image of the two compositions, and the Vuo 2.0 composition. (Note that, for this workaround, if you change the light position, you'll also need to update the gradient image to follow along.)