Fixed in Vuo version: 

Steps causing the bug to occur: 

When using the command-line vuo-render command, one would expect the composition result to be rendered.

Instead , the canvas representing the node graph layout is rendered,

vuo-render --output-format=png --output renderx.png /Users/iMac2012/Desktop/VUO/VUO2/vuo-2.0.3-composition-examples/vuo.image/examples/QuickStart.vuo

Rendered Image

I was expecting this instead :





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We've turned your discussion into a bug report and accepted it.

You can use the vuo-export movie command to run an Image Generator protocol composition and save its output as a movie. There's some documentation here:

The vuo-render command intentionally generates an image of the composition's nodes and cables — useful for making tutorials and documentation, and for working on Vuo's visual design. We take your point though that its name is confusing; we're working on clarifying that.